from the sanskrit root “sev,” meaning to serve, to adore, to honour: seed sewa is an expression of solidarity + collective care beyond borders, supporting Farmers kin's resistance of neoliberal, colonial erasures + exploitation. chardikala.

Silk Set

by metatantrum ft. jfk randhawa

About the Contributed Artwork
Repurposed vintage pair: Sleeveless, button-up cropped blouse and matching mask (or prayer flag) with hand-embroidered detailing. Embroidered text: ਅੱਗ (a'g'a) in Punjabi/Gurumuhki script, translated into English as fire, organs, part, blaze, limb, branch Materials: Vintage cotton, rayon and acrylic thread (it feels like silk!), vintage shell buttons Sizing: XS–S blouse; one-size mask

About the Author
Metatantrum is a collaborative materials and performance project, ft. JFK Randhawa. JFK Randhawa is a multidisciplinary artist, editor, and zine maker interested in fugue states of yearning under conditions of capital, imperialism, and ecological collapse, as well as qualities of refusal and rest within queer*/diasporic communities. JFK is a student of international ecofeminisms, whose family has deep roots in farming—in the Punjabi (undivided and divided), in Kenya, and now, in the U.S.
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