from the sanskrit root “sev,” meaning to serve, to adore, to honour: seed sewa is an expression of solidarity + collective care beyond borders, supporting Farmers kin's resistance of neoliberal, colonial erasures + exploitation. chardikala.


An expression of community beyond borders + solidarity with our farmer kin in india, this fundraiser was put together to support grassroots efforts against perpetuating cycles of profit over people, land + the stories held by both. All proceeds from this fundraiser (minus shipping costs) will be donated to Hemkunt Foundation, in support of their efforts at 5+ protest sites through their Farmer Protest Relief Aid project. 

We recognize + resonate with the healing + immense value of leaning into our creative communities as a means of collective care + redistribution of resources.
In the spirit of virtual exhibitions + spaces, we also felt pulled to creating a space that facilitated these efforts + links of kinship + solidarity by centering the voices of beloved artists + friends from the south asian diaspora.

It is vital to channel the love, resources, flexibility + creative spirit to the resistance against further exploitation, Brahminical patriarchal oppression + erasure showering on our farmer Kin ~ the most acutely affected by the violence + exploitation within the agricultural sector being our Dalit farmer kin.

The artists contributing to + breathing life into this fundraiser create within, between + throughout the realms of visual art, textile, paper + printing, adornments, clothing, publishing, music, sculpture, herbalism + spirit.

In solidarity, chardikala!

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