from the sanskrit root “sev,” meaning to serve, to adore, to honour: seed sewa is an expression of solidarity + collective care beyond borders, supporting Farmers kin's resistance of neoliberal, colonial erasures + exploitation. chardikala.


by payal kumar

About the Contributed Artwork
watercolor, acrylic, ink prints

About the Artist
payal kumar (they/them) is a diasporic dreamer working towards inclusive solidarity and liberation based on Wampanoag territory. As a multimedia artist, doula, medical advocate, and futurism fanatic, they invoke the power of interdisciplinary movement-building to construct tender new possibilities of being beyond borders and capital. They have performed spoken word and facilitated imaginative workshops in different spaces across the country- from open mics and grassroots protests, to national conferences (like the Allied Media Conference), to the Museum of Fine Arts. Their visual work is rooted in the Desi folk art of their ancestral villages and traditional Americana tattoos to construct new in-between spaces exploring mental illness, queer intimacy, and traumas around embodiment. Through creative strategies, they cultivate playful intergenerational dialogues challenging us to blur the boundaries between body and time-space so we can all fully unearth and activate our collective power. Currently, they manage the Gender Affirming Care program at the Planned Parenthood League of MA, are on the board of Subcontinental Drift Boston, and organize with various groups around South Asian/Asian American community issues.
Instagram: @riotlrrrkhi

each print is approximately 8.5in x 11in