from the sanskrit root “sev,” meaning to serve, to adore, to honour: seed sewa is an expression of solidarity + collective care beyond borders, supporting Farmers kin's resistance of neoliberal, colonial erasures + exploitation. chardikala.

When will we know that funds have been sent to folks at the protests?

Seed Sewa 002 (second installment) is open from Janary 13 to January 16. The webshop will close at 11:59:59 EST on the 16th. Given the recent frequency of blackouts in different regions, we will do our best to stay mindful of fluctuating / unpredictable internet access. This means that Seed Sewa 002 timeline will be extended ~ updates will be posted on instagram.  

The funds raised from Seed Sewa 002 will be distributed to Hemkunt Foundation within five business days after the webshop is closed or once all contributed artworks are sold, whichever comes first.

After funds are transferred, a receipt of the e-transfer will be posted on instagram and archived on this website. For information about how Seed Sewa 001 flowed, please scroll to the bottom of this FAQ page + click the link.

How did you decide which organization to support?

While putting this fundraiser together, we intended to support organizations providing immediate aid + immediate relief at the protest sites ~ lesser-known sites in addition to the larger ones. Seed Sewa came together a few weeks into the protests, and is supported by / sustained by activists, artists, farmers + advocates at the protests, within the organizations providing aid, and thousands of miles away from the protests.

We partner with specific organizations after research, conversations + vetting within a pressing timeline. We are deeply grateful for the folks who have shed light on potential organizations to support, as well as organizers within these organizations that have maintained communication + coordination throughout each installment.

Although each seed sewa installment is directed towards immediate aid + relief for protestors, we are looking to partner with + support initiatives that highlight the resilience of Dalit farmers + illuminating the joy, expressions, art + voices of Dalit folks navigating economic oppression, caste-based discrimination within + beyond India, landlessness, as well as mob violence linked to political assertion.

A few accounts doing this vital + often overlooked labour, that we encourage you to support + amplify in a way that makes sense for you:
@DalitCamera * @DalitQueerProject * @DalitJournal * @DalitWomenFight * @DalitFeminist.

Amidst dropping temperatures, unpredictable (at times, violent) government interventions, and rising suicides + deaths at the Farmer protests, we felt the urgency of the pressing timeline.
We are grateful for the opportunity to support Sahaita + the Hemkunt Foundation’s efforts at the recent protests + longterm!

How will the funds raised for recipient organizations be used?

Funds raised through Seed Sewa 002 will be directed towards Hemkunt Foundation’s Farmer Relief Aid project. Hemkunt is an NGO based in Haryana, India, which responds to humanitarian crises + disaster relief throughout South Asia. Five days after the protests started (Nov. 26), Hemkunt rapidly focused + expanded aid to mulitple protes sites and borders.

Through their Farmer Relief Aid project, Hemkunt has established “tent cities” at different protests sites, ahead of demonstrations + immediately, when aid is urgently needed. The tent cities include the following provisions: toilets, drinking + bathing water,  blankets, Wifi and charging stations, toiletries, oil, mosquito repellent, sanitary napkins, and milk. The volunteers at Hemkunt also know what to do when tear gas is fired ~ a regular occurrence throughout the protests. They are in constant communication with Farmer leaders, and are made aware of protestors’ next steps and where folks will need aid next.

Funds raised through Seed Sewa 001 (the first installment) supported Sahaita (est. 2015) Sahaita is a non-profit based in India, which has been supporting farmers with their debt, covering funeral expenses, and/or supporting their families after they pass on through its Farmer Support Project. The long-term support from their Farmer Support Project is centered on improving food access, housing, medical health care, and schooling for farmer families in distress.

After the roll out of the farm bills and following the General Strike on November 26, the folks at Sahaita have provided medical aid and distributed shawls, slippers, loyiyan + sweaters to the protestors at Takri and Singhu borders for warmth. The funds raised from the first installment of Seed Sewa will be directed to their aid at protest sites primarily, followed by their Farmer Support Project.

How does shipping work?

Friends who purchase artworks will pay for shipping on a sliding scale. We offer tiered shipping from $10USD to $30USD.

Shipping payments will be used to reimburse the artists shipping their artworks.
Contributing artists are based across the world + this webshop exhibit is open to folks across the world, so shipping costs add up quite quickly.

We thank you for any financial support you can provide to reduce shipping costs for
Seed Sewa + contributing artists.

I'm an artist and I'd like to participate by donating work next time.
Who can I connect with about this?

We are so honoured the intention resonates and you are interested in contributing to the next installment, please get in touch with us!  Let us know your name, location, an image of the artwork you would like to contribute, and a note about yourself (if it feels right). We can go from there!

I haven't received my artwork/purchased work yet. What do I do? Can I get a refund?

Once the contribution you purchased is shipped to you, you will be provided with a tracking number. Please connect with us via email or Instagram, and we can figure out what aligns best! We highly doubt this will be the case, but if the purchased artwork never gets to you, you are 100% obligated to a full refund  Many of the contributions were created in different parts of the world, so each item has a different shipping situation. We are happy to clarify any confusion around shipping, and would love to connect and do so!

Who can I contact about the piece I purchased?

If you have any questions about the artwork you purchased, please email Seed Sewa or direct message on Instagram (@seedsewa). Please include the title of the artwork you purchased and your name in the note.

When will the artwork I purchased be shipped?

As many of the artworks will be shipped from different countries around the world, shipping times will vary. Other factors influencing shipping times are the varying and unpredictable degrees of COVID infection rates and COVID restrictions from one place to another. You will be provided with a tracking number after the purchased artwork is shipped. Some artworks featured in this installment of Seed Sewa have additional specifications related to delayed shipping times due to COVID restrictions or production timelines.

If you have any questions about your order, please let us know via email ( or on Instagram ( 

Will there be another fundraiser?

This is dependent on the timeline of the protests in India + the incompetency of the Indian central government. If you’d like to partner with us or if there is anything you’d like to express around Seed Sewa, please reach out to us via email or on instagram.

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