from the sanskrit root “sev,” meaning to serve, to adore, to honour: seed sewa is an expression of solidarity + collective care beyond borders, supporting Farmers kin's resistance of neoliberal, colonial erasures + exploitation. chardikala.

Hanging adornment, Small drawings, Original illustration

By Dari de Bruijn

About the Contributed Artwork
Hanging adornment w/ beads and fabrics. Materials: Pieces of fabric, mix of beads and decoration string

Five small original drawings on postcards. Materials: Paper, mixed media (such as ink and pastels)

Original illustration ''Wandering'' Materials: Paper, watercolours, posca markers

About the Author
I am a Dutch artist and educator who creates sculptures, paintings and drawings. I start off with one technique or material and from there it evolves to a new form by using mixed media to layer my work. Being dutch as an adopted Nepali, my choice of subject and bold colours are inspired by this liquid form of identity.
IG: daridebruijn

Paper approximately 20 gram and adornment approximately 150 gram

Hanging adornment w/ beads and fabrics L59 x W11 CM
small drawings L16,5 x W11,2 CM Original illustration L19,5 x W14,9 CM

Each small drawing is numbered so you may choose a specific one when you add to cart.