from the sanskrit root “sev,” meaning to serve, to adore, to honour: seed sewa is an expression of solidarity + collective care beyond borders, supporting Farmers kin's resistance of neoliberal, colonial erasures + exploitation. chardikala.

We’ve raised over $2,000 USD in ~ 3 days❕we sent ~$1800USD to @Sahaita to support our farmer kin, their families + allies at the Singhu + Tikri borders. around $300USD was raised from our sliding-scale shipping options, which will be used to subsidize artists’ shipping costs. If we have funds remaining after all artworks are shipped, we’ll be sending an additional e-transfer to the folks Sahaita.

This installment of Seed Sewa would not be possible without the incredibly talented, international artists whose contributions breathed life into this project. We are so, so grateful for their creative labour, communications across timezones, love + intention throughout  🔸💠💠🏵 & extending our gratitude to the folks who supported this fundraiser  ~ whether that was a donation, a DM, a purchase, a post, or a swipe-up link, there are no words to describe how much it means. Thank you for the resonance and for the care 💌💭

as temperatures continue to drop in Delhi + protests are set to continue throughout January, we ask you to continue learning + spreading knowledge about this resistance. we ask you to learn about the harms caused by brahminical patriarchal systems + neoliberal ideologies that have exploited + erased Dalit farm labourers for generations. we ask you to honour those who cultivate nourishment unconditionally.

thank you to the participating artists who donated their work for the first installment:
Simran Jeet Singh ⟡ JINN LAB ⟡ Jasjyot Singh Hans ⟡ Mirrored Fatality ⟡ Kiran Joan ⟡ Anuja Lath ⟡ Simrah Farrukh ⟡ Parigna Desai ⟡ Aman Aheer ⟡ payal kumar ⟡ Firpal Jawanda ⟡ Manuja Waldia ⟡ Laila Majid ⟡ Kavya Rajeev ⟡ Sai Tripathi ⟡ Avani Tandon Vieira ⟡ noah gokul ⟡ Metatantrum (ft. JFK Randhawa) ⟡ Sheena ⟡ Jagdeep Raina ⟡ garima thakur ⟡ Khushboo Gulati ⟡ Shreya Shankar

🌞 in solidarity, chardikala 🌞